Developers section of the SafeKey documentation.

In this section you can find different tools, libraries and explanations about how you can integrate SafeKey into your own projects.

Our CLI tools and JavaScript libraries make it easy for web developers to integrate and provide SafeKey support in their websites and webapplications.

The Custom Storage (CS) feature allows for the safe storage of at least 350 bytes of data per record and the ability to backup data. The device's interface is available over-browser and supports multiple domains.

The Custom Storage is encrypted with AES256 and can only be accessed after providing the correct PIN, which is shared with the FIDO2 PIN application for ease of use.

Data is stored as received from the JavaScript application, encoded in CBOR structure, and the FIDO U2F is used as the transport layer for backward compatibility and internet browser communication.

The primary use case for SafeKey is to provide storage for the private keys, shares of data strings or other secrets that can be used to access accounts, assets or data in larger databases.

In addition we have created multiple libraries to enable web developers to integrate FIDO compatibility into their websites and start providing FIDO support with ease.

We hope these developer docs will help you to integrate SafeKey in your own projects.

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