Best Practices

Only use a trusted SafeKey

To know if your SafeKey is legit and not a manipulated or fake one, use SafeKey Desktop Tool to check the authenticity of your device.

Always get a backup SafeKey

If you lose your SafeKey and you become locked out of your online accounts, you might need to contact support of all the services you’ve connected your SafeKey with, in order to disconnect that lost SafeKey.

If you have a second SafeKey device (your backup SafeKey) connected to your accounts, you can still use that one to get access.

For the SafeKey Pro you also depend on the settings you configured while making your data protection plan. As long as there are more SafeKeys available than the minimum required amount you set to open a plan, you should be good. If you can’t reach the minimum required amount because multiple SafeKeys are lost, the encrypted data can become unrecoverable forever.

So, either you’re using a SafeKey One or SafeKey Pro, it’s always recommended to get one or more backup devices to avoid future disasters.

Use a safe PIN code

If you’re going to use your SafeKey Pro with to store encrypted shares, a PIN code will act as an additional security layer to access the internal storage of your SafeKey device.

Make sure your PIN code isn’t too easy and only you have knowledge about it.

Setting your PIN code

You can set the PIN code of your SafeKey Pro via the SafeKey Desktop Tool. If your SafeKey doesn’t have a PIN code at the moment you’re using it with, you’ll be able to set your PIN code during the process of setting up a protection plan. Without the correct PIN code the internal storage of your SafeKey will not be accessible.

Do not talk about your SafeKeys

In general, it is better to keep quiet about your wealth or secret data and whatsoever. Talking too much on social media or in the pub where others can read or hear it can be very dangerous.

If you tell someone that you own a lot of crypto and that your private key and all other related passwords are stored on a few SafeKeys, some bad actors might get a hold of that info.

Once it’s out there, you’ll never gain back control over how far the story will reach. If it comes to the ears of the wrong people, they can then try to steal your funds using a variety of tactics and even physical violence.

You really don’t want this to happen.

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