Identical SafeKey Devices

Explanation of the workflow to create two or more identical SafeKey devices.

SafeKey One (FIDO2)

SafeKey One is a security key which can be used to connect to your online accounts. It is used to protect those accounts via two-factor authentication and passwordless logins.

Those FIDO2 connections for two-factor authentication and passwordless logins will not be included in a backup file generated with the SafeKey Desktop Tool.

To have a backup of your FIDO2 connections, you always need a second SafeKey device and manually connect it to your online accounts as well.

There's no way to automatically duplicate your connections.

Best practice is to have at least two SafeKeys connected to an online account, that way you always have at least one backup of your 2FA and passwordless logins in case you lose one device.

SafeKey Pro (FIDO2 + SSDP)

To create two or more identical SafeKey Pro devices, you'll have to work in two steps and you should understand that FIDO2 and SSDP are two different features. Only the internal custom storage of the SafeKey Pro (SSDP) is included in the backup file.

1) Duplicate the FIDO2 connections by connecting all your devices to the same online accounts (see the explanation for SafeKey One above)

2) Generate a backup file with SafeKey Desktop Tool and restore the same backup file to your other SafeKey Pro devices to duplicate the settings and the custom storage of your main SafeKey.

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