Digital Inheritance

Generational wealth starts with a digital inheritance plan.

We live in a digital age where our online presence often holds just as much value as our physical possessions. But what happens to all of that digital property like passwords, private keys, crypto wallets, NFTs and other secret data when we die?

Traditionally, we've relied on intermediaries like notaries to handle the transfer of physical assets, but these methods aren't foolproof when it comes to digital property. Hackers can easily gain access to accounts, and even if we leave detailed instructions in a physical document, there's no guarantee that it will be followed to the letter.

That's where SafeKey Pro comes in.

SafeKey Pro is a hardware device that allows you to create a decentralized digital inheritance plan using Inheriti®. By storing different encrypted shares of your data on multiple SafeKey Pro devices, you can ensure that your digital assets are securely transferred to your chosen beneficiaries after your passing.

How does it work? It's simple.

First, you set up your digital inheritance plan using Inheriti® in combination with your SafeKey Pro devices. You can choose multiple beneficiaries to share ownership of the inheritance, and each one will receive their own SafeKey Pro containing encrypted data shares.

When it's time to activate the inheritance plan, the beneficiaries will need to bring their SafeKey Pro devices together and merge the shares via Inheriti® in order to decrypt the data. Only then will the secret data be revealed. Until then, the data stays encrypted, decentralized and secure, known only to you as the owner of the inheritance plan.

As an extra security layer, Inheriti® has a Dead Man Switch (DMS) with different activation mechanisms in place, which ensures that no one steals the data before they're eligible to. The DMS share is stored in a smart contract on the blockchain. If you don't respond within the designated timeframe, the DMS share is released. This DMS share is essential for merging the shareholder's shares. So as long as you respond to the activation mechanisms (which essentially means you are still alive), the DMS share won't be released and the data stays encrypted.

Example Data For Your Digital Inheritance Plans

  • Personal identification information

  • Cryptocurrency wallet or exchange information (private keys, seed phrases, ...)

  • Social media account information and login (usernames, passwords, ...)

  • Financial account details and passwords (bank account information, ...)

  • Emergency contacts

  • Personal notes and journals

  • Personal preferences and settings

  • Personal identification numbers (PIN)

  • Contact information for friends and family

  • Family receipts / secrets

  • Guidelines for your heirs and beneficiaries

  • ...

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